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Extra Seating For Your Party

A folding chair is basically a kind of chair, a lightweight, collapsible chair that folds into a smaller size or flat, and is stored in a rack, in a row, or in an array. These days, they are available in different styles and designs. The traditional model has three seats and a back rest, while the modern ones are designed to fit into the corner spaces or the corners of tables. Usually, they take up minimal floor space and are cost effective. You will find them used in schools, conference rooms, libraries, banquet halls, hotel lobbies, convention centers, airports, and many more places.

There are two common kinds of EventStable folding chairs - the one made of metal or wood, the other of plastic. Wood folding chairs are typically made of oak or cherry. Plastic folding chairs are available in various colors, such as black, brown, or blue. It is not uncommon to see colorful plastic seating at events. Wooden ones are heavier than plastic ones, but plastic folding chairs are easier to carry around.

Plastic folding chairs are very easy to use and sturdy. Most models fold very easily for storage and for transportation. They are not only economical and space saving but durable too. They are easy to assemble, disassemble, and store, and can usually take a beating for a daily usage. Unlike wooden chairs, they are not very often damaged when used for extra seating at parties. Learn more about chairs at

Wooden folding chairs from this page have a longer life span, but the price is slightly higher, with a one-year warranty required. If the frame of the chair is made of mild steel, it can last up to two decades. Meanwhile, metal frames are good for around five decades.

Folding chairs come with a variety of features, including tilting mechanisms that allow the chair to move up or down. This is very handy if the owner wants to sit closer to the window or other area in the house. Some models can tilt backwards, for added support when the user needs it. A rolling mechanism allows the chair to move back and forth with the user, just like a large folding cart or a wheeled suitcase.

Wooden folding chairs are more expensive than their plastic counterparts. They require slightly more maintenance too, due to the materials used. Metal folding chairs are more durable, but they are more prone to damage from spills and rough handling. Plastic folding chairs are easy to use and sturdy, making them the most popular choice when it comes to extra seating.

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